A Spiral staircase is defined as a circular staircase which turns constantly around a central axis as it rises. In simpler terms the stair treads wind around a central post or column. Spiral stairs can be made from classic steel, forged iron or all wood. We use solid timber to create beautifully balanced, elegant, strong and sturdy staircases that are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional.

Spiral stairs are often used as a space saver stairs or as a second statement stairs in a library  or up to a games room or on-trend mezzanine floor. Spiral stairs can be contemporary or traditional in design with clever use of material alternatives for the treads, centre column, balusters and handrails. Contemporary designs could include metal spindles or glass balustrade while traditional designs have a range of detailed timber handrail profiles and spindle designs.

To add an extra element of sophistication to a wood spiral stairs, you can include a curved closed stringer twisting around the outside of the stairs.

When choosing the ideal stair design you should consider the location of the stairs, the space you have, the overall height and the stair diameter that would fit. Timber spiral staircases offer a timeless, elegant alternative to the classic steel and metal spiral stairs that is also a full customisation to suit each customer needs.